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How To Prepare Your Voice Before Recording a Podcast

If you have a podcast, I’m sure you do prep work before recording. Choosing a topic, developing the content, contacting guests, preparing the technical equipment…every episode involves a lot of effort and a great pre-production work.

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In the midst of the stress we feel as entrepreneurs, we often pay so much attention to all the details of our brand or product, that we forget a very important one… taking care of ourselves! And even if we take care of our body by exercising regularly, I want to ask you: How do you take care of your voice? If you have a podcast, do radio or video, it is important to protect your voice, because this is your main instrument.

Today, I’ve decided to collect and share with you some tips to keep in mind next time you’re recording.

Relax and clear your mind

Your voice is your main instrument. Any state of nerves, anxiety or stress, can affect it. That’s why it is important that you are at peace and in tune with yourself at the moment of recording. Remember that the goal of recording a podcast, regardless of the topic, is to connect with your audience. In order to do this, you need to be relaxed and focused on clearly transmitting the information you want to share with your audience.

A full night’s sleep and meditation are essential to connecting with your body and being calm. Nowadays, there are many tools that can help us disconnect and be in tune with the inner self. You do not need to be an expert in meditation. I’ve found short and very productive sessions of up to 10 minutes in apps for beginners like HeadSpace.

Doing low-impact exercise is also highly recommended, as you do not want to get short of breath. Yoga is highly recommended!

Drink plenty of fluids, including fresh water and hot tea

We must keep our body hydrated, regardless of our profession or lifestyle. Water acts as lubricant in our body and definitely, when we are hydrated, our body works better.

Drink plenty of water before and during recording. Avoid cold water as it can strain your vocal cords.

Hot tea can also help you to relax your throat and get ready for recording. Add a little honey to a delicious ginger tea to soothe your throat.

No soda or alcohol! Calm down, it’s not forever, just before recording

Carbonated drinks produce gasses, and the truth is, we don’t want to have an accident during recording. Right?

It is also good to avoid foods with a high-fat content, since they increase the acid in our stomach, producing a feeling of acidity or worsening the symptoms for those suffering from acid reflux.

Although many recommend warming your throat with a good sip of rum or whiskey, remember that alcohol produces a feeling of acidity, in addition to reducing the flow of blood to your brain. Also, the effects of alcohol can easily make us lose the coherence and focus of the message we want to convey. Let’s leave the cocktail for celebrating that your podcast episode was a success!

I don’t feel well! Allergies, colds, etc.

Are you recording in allergy season? Or did you get such a bad flu that even the Vicks VapoRub is not working?

Before recording, try blowing your nose and use a nasal rinse. I suffer from sinusitis, especially during the spring and fall, and a few years ago I found out about a product that saved my life. I didn’t know this technique, and now I can’t live without my Neti Pot. Buy it on Amazon!

If your throat is the one affected, try to rest on the days prior to recording. Drink lots of tea and cover your neck with a scarf to keep your throat warm.

A tip for focusing your mind and warming your voice!

Take one hour just before recording and divide it into two stages. During the first half hour dedicate yourself to being totally silent. This technique will help you relax and focus on the content you are going to develop for your audience. In the second half hour, begin to warm your voice. It is important not to take your voice from 1 to 100, so it is recommended, after being in total silence, to start speaking softly and slowly.

You can have a conversation with yourself about the topic you are going to discuss in your episode of the day or you can even do vocal exercises. Do not be ashamed! In the end, you are alone and I guarantee that your voice will sound better.

To make this article even more complete, I decided to ask these Latinas in Media, what was their ritual before recording:

Tips by Anabelle Blum

Learn your craft! Look for someone in your city who teaches voiceover classes. Where they teach you to how to breathe, how to project your voice and how to make it perform best.

Take care of your instrument! I protect my vocal cords by not smoking and avoid being near anyone who has a lit cigarette. In my case, it gives me a tremendous allergy and the smoke makes me hoarse. How do I do it? By always keeping a pashmina or scarf at hand to cover my neck if I feel cold. In addition, I always keep menthol candies in my purse because it is the most effective way to “refresh” my voice.

Drinking water just before you start recording: Keeping your mouth hydrated is very necessary, otherwise, any sound you emit will be heard “mushy” and believe me, saliva does not sound good at all in a recording.

Breathe! Before the recording button is turned on, it is necessary to take a deep breath, to relax and lower the pulsations… If you start recording in an accelerated fashion, at some point you will run out of air.

Be natural! There is nothing more captivating than a transparent person. So don’t try to imitate anyone, be yourself and especially ENJOY that magic moment of being able to express yourself.

Anabelle is a TV and Radio Presenter and VO Talent with more than 15 years of experience. Founder of Familia Perfecta, Blogger and Influencer. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Tips by Jenny Hernández

A person who works with his voice should not expose his vocal cords to any type of cold drink. When you have a recording or a live presentation, prepare your throat. Drink plenty of fresh water and tea with honey.

My favorite exercise is the pencil between your teeth! Find a pencil and hold it with your teeth while reading a text. The goal is to pronounce the words as best you can without releasing the pencil. It is an easy but great exercise to work your facial muscles.

Read the text in advance. If you prepare and read your script (as many times as you can), the chances of confusing or misreading a word are less. If you want to be successful you have to prepare and work hard. Get ready before each presentation!

Jenny is a LifeStyle Blogger at She is also a radio personality in the Washington D.C. area. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

How do you take care of your voice? Share your tips in the comments!

Written by Alex Tabar

With more than 10 years of experience, Alex has developed a diverse portfolio containing projects ranging from entertainment to education, creating content for digital media, television, and publications. She has been the producer and co-writer for various documentary films, some of which have been presented in international festivals and have won prizes such as “Best Documentary.” Alex is Youtube certified in their “Audience Growth” program, and is a fan of Mafalda and Willy Wonka.

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