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Foodie – A photo app for delicious looking food

Foodie - App

Is your Instagram feed one of those that makes me suffer every time I start a diet?

If you are one of those who takes a photo of your plate, even before saying “buen provecho” and uploads it to Instagram, if you use hashtags like #foodporn and if your profile describes you as a “foodie”, then this is the app for you!

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Foodie, created by the Japanese company Line, is an app that will take your food photography to another level, giving it a professional look and aesthetic that will make people want to take a bite of the screen.

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Foodie features 31 default filters that can be applied in real time or after taking the photo, using both the camera from the app or the native camera from your phone.

You can apply these filters simply by choosing the one that best suits your photo, depending on the colors and your personal style. The filters are categorized by type of food and include some that are very specific, recommended for sweets, crunchy food, fresh food and even one for a tasty BBQ.

To try this app and some of its filters, I decided to use a photo I made on my last trip to Las Terrenas (Samaná, Dominican Republic). This fried fish with “tostones” and fried yucca was made in the restaurant at Hotel Alisei and it was delicious!

What makes this app even more awesome?

The “best angle” function, which takes into account the composition and suggests the best angle for your picture.

In addition, when you use the camera app to take the photo, it lets you adjust manually the brightness in real time (-2.0 to +2.0).

You can also turn the phone light into a flashlight, very useful for shooting in dark environments.

Another feature is the automatic blur that allows you to take out everything that is irrelevant to the dish, making it seem as if the photo was taken with an SLR camera.

Foodie - App

Foodie is a free app and is available at the Apple Store and Google Play.

If you download it, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!

Written by Alex Tabar

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