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CNN en Español 2016 Upfront – News on multiple platforms

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CNN en Español launched its new programming, announced new projects and presented a new multiplatform strategy which integrates television, radio, the internet and social networks, during the Upfront presented in the city of New York. In 2016, the network celebrated 20 years covering news all around the world and being one of the main sources of information for the Hispanic community, both in Latin Americas as in the United States.

“With our audience growth and domination of social media, we want our advertisers to move forward with us as we engage our audiences on multiple platforms”, said during her presentation, Cynthia Hudson, senior vice president and general manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S.

For CNN en Español, it is very important to have a team of anchors who not only do an excellent job as communicators, but also get along with the chain, in the evolution of media and digital platforms.

During the event, we had the opportunity of talking with Mariela Encarnacion, host of the entertainment space Showbiz, from CNN en Español.

Latinas in Media - CNN en Español
Alex Tabar (Latinas in Media) and Mariela Encarnación (CNN en Español)

CNN en Español has greatly succeeded in the mission of transition their audience from the traditional media consumer to the digital world. CNN is a leader among the best-positioned media in social network and it is definitely in the vanguard when it comes to reporting through these networks. We are ready to continue with the evolution and what comes up with the new age of communication”.

Mariela is very active in social networks. She says she’s always connected with the objective of keeping her followers informed. “We don’t see it as recreation anymore, but as part of our job”. We feel privileged to be so close and have such connection with the audience who follows us. Click To Tweet

This “Latina in Media”, native to the Dominican Republic, tells us she feels related to all social networks because each one has a different audience. “Facebook is a little bit more conventional for those who still don’t dare use Twitter. Instagram is the quintessential network for pictures and Twitter where you can write a phrase when you feel thoughtful, of where you can post news of information quickly. Even in Snapchat, with each one you take on a different kind of audience and it gives you the opportunity to reach people in different ways.

One of the scoops of the event was the presentation of CNN en Español en Marcha, two digital studios which can be used to generate exclusive and immediate content. One of these will be covering the west coast and the other the east coast. With CNN en Español en Marcha aims to streamline the broadcasting of the news from where it breaks through, social networks with #cnnenmarcha and television.

Written by Alex Tabar

With more than 10 years of experience, Alex has developed a diverse portfolio containing projects ranging from entertainment to education, creating content for digital media, television, and publications. She has been the producer and co-writer for various documentary films, some of which have been presented in international festivals and have won prizes such as “Best Documentary.” Alex is Youtube certified in their “Audience Growth” program, and is a fan of Mafalda and Willy Wonka.

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