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Candy Calderón: Health and Wellness for Latina Entrepreneurs

I feel like I’ve known Candy for a long time. When I met her virtually, what struck me the most was her story and the mission behind everything she does today. Her mother suffered from cancer and with a little luck, a lot of love and a drastic change in her diet, she was able to overcome it.

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After hearing this experience, Candy has become my “go to person” in terms of health and wellness. If lately, you have heard me talk a lot about an acidic vs. an alkaline body or about all the properties of turmeric … you know who I’ve been reading!

As entrepreneurs, many of us suffer from working 20 hours a day, we don’t sleep enough and we stay glued to the computer, thinking that the more hours we invest in our projects, the closer we get to success. But, who wants success without health?

I greatly admire the work that Candy is doing and I hope that you not only enjoy this interview but that you also take something from it and share it with us in the comments.

Watch the reply of the webinar “Health Mistakes Affecting Your Hu$tle & 7 Steps To Fix Them! by Candy Calderón for the Latinas in Media Community.

Latinas in Media – Who is Candy?
Candy Calderón – I’m a multi-passionate woman and because of that, it’s super hard to label myself because I never fit in just one box (and I love it!). I’m absolutely obsessed with my life calling, which revolves around health & wellness but also being an entrepreneur, a businesswoman. I’m a daughter who idolizes her mother, and she’s the actual reason why I do what I do!

LM – How did you get involved in the digital world?
CC – It felt like a very natural evolution of what I was already doing IRL. I began my career in health & wellness giving health talks at the yoga center I was frequenting back then and wherever people would have me. I also cooked plant-based healthy meals for people. But I felt like I had SO MUCH to give and share, about my health & wellness message. Also, the way I wanted to grow my brand, I knew that I could only achieve it in the digital world. I wanted to give longer insights, reach bigger audiences and not confine me to the geography of my location.

LM – How do your blog and social media complement your work in health and wellness?
CC – They are both very important to my practice because as I mentioned before I always knew I wanted to reach the masses. So creating my blog and social media was a very boss-lady move, a business decision to help grow my brand the way, and in the direction I wanted. Out of my platforms, I feel like my Web Page is my baby… my page is mine, unfiltered, with my own voice and I call the shots. Other social outlets are borrowed goods. If tomorrow Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter closes, guess what will still be out there? My page! I own my content, and nobody can take that away from me.

LM – Which is the most-read post on your blog?
CC – There are 2! They’re like the gifts that keep on giving… Lol!

Healing Turmeric Detox Elixir
Anxiety & Depression In Latinas + Wellness Practices That Actually Help

LM – What tools do you consider essential when it comes to creating content and handling your blog and social networks?
CC – I love Canva for all my graphics and designs, Photoshop to help me edit pictures, Buffer for scheduling my social media and Yoast for SEO.

LM – To be an entrepreneur requires a lot of effort, long hours sitting at the computer and even many sleepless nights. How can entrepreneurship be undertaken while maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
CC – It takes work! But the secret sauce is in creating HABITS. After we create a system for ourselves, a series of wellness habits that we implement every day like clockwork (for example water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach – chair exercises every X amount of hours – eating every X amount of hours) it will be a breeze, and not hard at all. The problem is we lack the consistency to make those habits stick, and then we have the nerve to say that it’s impossible to have that balance!

“I always say that any entrepreneur with a business plan that does not include wellness in it, has an incomplete plan!” – Candy Calderón


Candy Calderón: Health and Wellness for Latina Entrepreneurs
Photo provided by Candy Calderón


LM – You have succeeded in building an online community of women interested in health and well-being. What would you say are their biggest concerns and the main challenges they face as women, Latinas, and entrepreneurs?
CC – Number one issue with us Latinas is that we start thinking about our health when we are already sick, and sometimes it’s too late. That’s the main challenge and the narrative I’m working to change. We are reactive, instead of proactive when it comes to our health.

We are reactive, instead of proactive when it comes to our health. - @namibycandy Click To Tweet

I’ve noticed a trend amongst my clients and followers: we have an acidic lifestyle (many of them don’t even know it), which in turn inflame our body. Inflammation and an unhealthy gut are the culprits behind all illnesses. Bloating, gases, brain fog, low sexual drive, overweight, cancer, diabetes, heart issues are amongst the biggest concerns we Latinas have.

How do I know this? I constantly test the waters and survey them about what they want from me, their pain points and how I can help them make their lives better. It’s not about me, it’s all about them, so all the content I create, and the programs I create are born from the requests I get from them because I always try to always give my audience what they crave for.

LM – What tips would you give to a female entrepreneur who is always busy and prioritizes her projects over her health?
CC – Just STOP! It’s not a coincidence that the highest achievers of our current times are all super invested into their health & wellness. Oprah, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Luz Maria Doria —just to name a few, have all been very vocal about the role that being intentional about their health has played in their success.

We have all these goals, but often times we don’t even have the energy to get out of bed, or the focus to perform like high achievers do. I’ll be blunt here, there’s NOTHING more important than your health. So as an entrepreneur and the hustler that you are, you owe it to yourself and to your business to change that narrative.

Candy Calderón: Health and Wellness for Latina Entrepreneurs
Photo provided by Candy Calderón

LM – What are three myths about being an entrepreneur and having a healthy lifestyle?
CC – That you have to give up one or the other, and they are mutually exclusive. They are not. You can totally be an entrepreneur and lead a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

You can totally be an entrepreneur and lead a healthy lifestyle at the same time. - @namibycandy Click To Tweet

The Team “No Sleep” (like we should be proud of it). If you’re on that team, good luck with that! I’ve done plenty of research on the nasty effects of disrupted sleeping patterns and not resting enough. This has profound consequences on our health, our job performance, our relationships, our happiness and pretty much everything in our life. Not sleeping enough also mess with our hormones because, during sleep, our bodies secrete hormones that help to control appetite, energy metabolism, and glucose processing. Too little sleep upsets the balance of these and other hormones which may result in food cravings even after we have eaten an adequate number of calories. We also experience brain fog and obviously feel lethargic all day long!

That we are always happy, motivated and balanced! There’s a hidden dark side to being an entrepreneur that’s rarely discussed —entrepreneurship can lead to serious mental health issues. We as entrepreneurs are at a higher risk of specific mental health problems because sometimes we struggle to function normally because we’re constantly worried about our business. That’s why you see so many issues with anxiety, depression and even addictions. Mental health is no joke when you are an entrepreneur!

LM – How can I join your community and find information about your health and wellness programs?
CC – My web page is my main point of access. From there, you’ll find all my other social info!

I’m also super active on my Instagram. I just LOVE to connect with my community (my #GlowSquad), they are so supportive of me! I constantly show them bits of my life (even the vulnerable parts), what’s my day like, recipes I’m making, and even my husband makes a cameo every now and then. Lol!

This month I’m launching my Bloat Blaster & Anti-Inflammation Program, which I created as an answer to hundreds and hundreds of requests from the women in my community who are having the same issue: Bloated all the time AND inflamed, low sexual drive, brain fog, fatigue, dull looking skin, overweight, poor digestion, constipation… sounds familiar?

Well, none of that is normal! Many of the things we experience with our bodies are signs and symptoms of something being wrong. Our body is literally crying out for help, but we have become numb to it and ignore the signs.

Want to start making changes? Join Latinas in Media and Candy Calderón, this November 28th for our webinar “Health Mistakes Affecting Your Hu$tle & 7 Steps To Fix Them!”, where she’ll be covering the KEY points you need to know about inflammation, how to identify that you are inflamed, how it is affecting your gut health, making you bloated and packing on the pounds, affecting your hustle and my proven ways of how to change that.

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More about Candy!


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A book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s just such a beautiful book, especially for those of us who are always trying to stay true to ourselves. And as a runner-up, because I can’t just stop sharing it, The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Marvelous, marvelous book to help us stay present (I have a hard time doing that because I’m always projecting or going to the past and revisiting stuff in my mind).

A blog: Gaby Bernstein

One “Latina in Media”: Gina Rodriguez. I really love her, and everything she’s doing to represent us woke Latinas in a different light. She’s smart, witty but feels very caring at the same time. Hey girl!

One Social Network: Instagram for sure!

One App: Calm, it’s a meditation app and I swear by it. It saves my sanity every time!

One YouTube Channel: Wendy Williams (don’t judge, she’s my guilty pleasure! Lol)

One brand: Apple

One Phrase: Just-Go-For-It!

Candy Calderón - Health and Wellness for Latina Entrepreneurs

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