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8 Latina Moms Creating Great Content for Parents

8 Latina Moms Creating Great Content for Parents | Latinas in Media

In May we celebrate Mother’s Day, both in the United States and in some of our countries in Latin America.

This year, besides celebrating the mothers in my family, I want to take the opportunity to honor some women who have inspired me since I discovered this digital world.

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Latina moms, besides being hard workers, providers, dedicated and caring, are also very creative and care deeply for their community.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I made a list of 8 Latina moms who spend the year creating and sharing valuable content for our families. Even I, mother only of a four-legged puppy, enjoy reading, learning and sharing with them.

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Familia Perfecta

Anabelle Blum tells us both on her blog, and on her YouTube channel, why all families are imperfectly perfect. At Familia Perfecta you can read and watch videos on topics such as bullying, in vitro fertilization, divorce and family finances, as well as try the best granola in the world and travel to Disney or Cartagena.

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En tus Zapatos

Marinés Duarte and her daughters are the best. I even created the hashtag #soyfandelu with which I comment every time she posts a video with the little one in her family. In her blog En Tus Zapatos, we can find content for professional moms, beauty tips, fun recipes and her Princesas Guerreras campaign, an initiative to raise awareness and help put an end to gender inequality and violence against women.

Jenny Day by Day

Jennifer Hernandez, also known as Jenny the Voice, put her career as a radio personality on hold when she became the mother of Sofía and Diego. On her blog Jenny Day by Day, she shares weekly bilingual parenting content, beautiful DIY party decorations, fashion, recipes and product reviews.

Latina Bommer Mom

Maritere Rodríguez-Bellas, besides being a mother, is a blogger, writer and author of the books Raising Bilingual Children and Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie. In the blog that bears her name, Maritere, in addition to interviewing other professionals on topics related to family and personal development, she focuses much of its content on the upbringing of bilingual and multicultural children.

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Notas de Mamá

Carla Gutierrez left her career in communications to dedicate herself 100% to being a mother. In her blog in Spanish, Notas de Mamá, you can find recipes and read about family life, fashion, DIY beauty and topics related to the daily life of moms. As Carla sums it up, her blog is a collection of notes on being a woman and a mom.

The Positive Mom

Elayna Fernández is The Positive Mom. With her blog, this Dominican mom has the mission to encourage, empower and provide resources to Latina moms, for them to have more influence in their home, greater impact in the world and more income to achieve a life full of joy, balance and success. With her philosophy “be positive and you will be powerful”, Elayna’s words have become not only a resource, but also a refuge for many moms.

Criando ando

Carlota Zambrano is the mother of three beautiful children whom she calls her “pirulingos”. Her life changed drastically when she had to move suddenly to the United States, pregnant with her first child. And so her blog Criando ando was born. A platform in Spanish for coming together and for reflection and ideas, where Carlota and her children share with their readers content about activities, games, stories, walks and beautiful parties.

Capturing Cultura

Nadia Hernández is Mexican, a twin and the mom of who I would call “the youngest Latina fashion blogger”. In her blog Capturing Cultura, Nadia shares content on the things she is passionate about, like travel, culture, language, adventures and life, as well as beautiful outfits modeled by her daughter.

What parenting blogs do you follow? Share with us in the comments!

8 Latina Moms Creating Great Content for Parents | Latinas in Media

Written by Alex Tabar

With more than 10 years of experience, Alex has developed a diverse portfolio containing projects ranging from entertainment to education, creating content for digital media, television, and publications. She has been the producer and co-writer for various documentary films, some of which have been presented in international festivals and have won prizes such as “Best Documentary.” Alex is Youtube certified in their “Audience Growth” program, and is a fan of Mafalda and Willy Wonka.

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