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5 Podcasts by Latinas you Don’t Want to Miss

5 Podcasts By Latinas You Don’t Wan’t to Miss

Do you have podcast fever? A dear friend told me the other day that five years ago she thought podcasts were for just for “nerds”. Nowadays, she listens to between two to three every day, and let me tell you something, she isn’t the only one.

A recent report by Nielsen states that more than half of U.S. households are home to podcast fans—that’s more than 60 million homes. Meanwhile, the Edison Research of 2016 showed that only from 2015 to 2016, podcast listening has grown by 23%.

This data makes clear that podcasts keep getting more popular in all genres and are changing the way people consume content.

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From stories of love and gastronomy to the discussion of current events and motivational and cultural conversations, here are five podcasts by Latinas that I bet you are going to love. Follow them, listen, and if you like them, you know what to do. ¡Riega la voz!

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Vanessa Valerio started Singleling after many failed attempts to find love. Dating in New York was difficult and exhausting, and many times, disappointing. Vanessa started asking friends and strangers about their personal experiences with love to see if she could learn from others’ stories… and she did. In hopes that she could also help other people, she started recording these stories and compiling them into an audio series in January 2016. Singleling Podcast is committed to connecting people through true love stories. The stories are genuine, entertaining, personal and, most importantly, relatable. Each episode develops a different theme and contains not only the stories, but also has the participation of an expert, who explains the topic and offers tips and advice on the subject. The stories and interviews are developed and recorded in social environments, such as cafes, restaurants, parks or bars.

Oye Mami

Elle and Liz are two Latina Mamis who turned into first generation American Mommies. While their mission is to laugh their way through the journey of finding a balance between being a mami and being a mommy, in their podcast “Oye Mami” they talk about Parenting, Relationships, Current Events and more.

“We wanted to give our forgotten genre a home and provide a place where they can tune in and listen to other people share the same woes that they have. Like our audience, we have HAD it with our families telling us to feed our baby solids before the time suggested by the American Association of Pediatrics. We believe in mal de ojo and we know that whatever Walter Mercado says is bible. We are a genre of pioneers that needed a voice so here we are.”

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Cafe con Pam

Cafe con Pam is a weekly podcast featuring fearless Latinas, Latinos, Latinx and People of Color that are breaking barriers, changing lives and making this world a better place while living in the US. Created by Pam Covarrubias, the podcast serves as a platform where Latinx are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversation while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.

Cafe con Pam Podcast also covers efficiency, organization, and clutter – free living in a bilingual way , since it was started by a recovering procrastinator.

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Pass the Chipotle

Rocio Carvajal — food historian, cook and author — brings you this delicious and thought-provoking bi-weekly podcast, which is the audible companion to SABOR! This is Mexican Food Magazine and will take you on an exciting gastronomic journey to discover the edible treasures of Mexico’s world-acclaimed cuisine. It will change the way you think about Mexican food, cooking and eating. Guaranteed!

“My passion for using the power of storytelling to build bridges of dialogue and understanding has been a constant through my involvement in cultural projects related to the tangible and intangible heritage of Mexico, which is why I am so excited about this podcast. The show has something to offer to all audiences, whether you are new to traditional Mexican food, a consummated foodie or simply want to know more about one of the world’s most acclaimed cuisines, the traditions and stories big and small behind this fascinating cuisine.”

Girl Talk y Más

A podcast created by Marisa and Canela to empower women and share their stories of triumph, success and sometimes failure. No matter the road, we all strive to be our best! Girl Talk y Más is a place to celebrate our womanhood and engage in a community of positive, real and empowering women!

Do you listen to other podcasts by Latinas? Share it with us in the comments!

5 Podcasts by Latinas you Don’t Wan’t to Miss - Latinas in Media

Written by Alex Tabar

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